The Night Gadget

Strangers by day.. rangers by dark,
A sudden wave of euphoria,
Blessed her soul and left her bare,
I could tell she wasn’t pleased,
Her voice spoke of women of the night,
Who walked with a chest of emotions,
Yet afforded a bag of smiles,

Behind her back was a man with a high,
He brought nothing to the table,
Apart from a rock-like reverie,
Of fantasies that wipe down all of earth’s sanity,
She was trodden,
Her house full of scattered seeds,
Her shoes smelt of dung but she rubbed it on his face,

They swore to burn the midnight oil,
Passionate legs never had their sole moment,
The East- West distance grew apart,
I could hear the voice within her cries,
Her pose implored for poise,
That was not to be,
Dark cloaks, their future was bleak,
She found solace in the dark,

A pleasurable painful piercing,
Her wounds were opened, again,
She told herself, it’s just this once,
He kept pushing her back and forth,
Fatigue was quite evident,
The fat lady wasn’t ready to sing just yet,

Birds refused to chirp,
A withdrawn dawn,
Raw war of skin to skin,
The shoddiest longest five minutes of all time,
He tore her soul, her living, her reason,
The guilt, the anger, the tears, she stabbed him,
And left……….

Just when i was ready to pop up with a Calculator


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