I Can turn you from a Human to a Writer.. oops did i say Carter?

I know my role n i play it well,
My mind shine even when my thoughts seem dark,
am all i trust,
m done matured n grown into my own situation,
am so fly..i wake up in the sky..n wipe the cloud out my eye,
Even when m on my back,
m never backin’ down,
i don want a broken heart
..al lose all the pieces,
am a doctor they dont undastand my writin’,
so i stopped writing, now am like lightning’,
Swallow my words taste my thoughts,
n if they’re too nasty spit it back at me,
keep your mouth closed n let your eyes listen,
take them shoe off your teeth,
and quit running your mouth,
Don’t compare me,
coz there aint nobody near me,
no i aint looking down,
but i see no one above me,
My word is my pride,
the wisdom is weak and that’s the word from th wise,
Confidence is a stain they cant wipe off,
I seen nights full of pain..days of the same,
put me in the wild,
I’ll b there for a while,
I would hate not to be hated,
I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes,
hate in my heart, love in my mind,
my future will be better than my past,
am just a soul wit whose intentions r good,
Oh Lord pliz dont let me b misunderstood,

© All rights reserved YM..


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