Been there, done that, got a T-shirt” -or not.

She’s reminded by that it’s Friday
..annoyingly asked where she be at yet there’s only one happening club in town
Moods so elated, classes so evaded
Roomate brings up impromptu sleepovers hence she is locked out- jipe shugli
She out of the blue, flaps her tongue with him the usual stranger from Sato to Thursday
Later, gets jiggy with Mr.alien after a few pints..compromising position
Disappearing acts, topsy-turvy beer fights by couples and frienemies, undraping actions..order of the night

Curses under breaths
In retrospect, the intoxicating tipple is ‘surrendered’ by all and sundry
the ceiling above doesn’t belong to him
the guy lying next to her..incognito
Public opinion suggests puzzling mystery on the events of yesta’
he cant trace his phone
she is totally penniless
the habitual throbbing flaring up migraine and 24hr nausea, a torrential clichè

Still recuperating from after-effects
church is nowhere near his mind state
wastes entire day feasting his eyes on nothing
..already Monday Sick

Why is Friday ever next to Monday yet it takes 5whole days from Monday to get to Friday?
He is flat broke and late for current lecture but too early for the next

Terrific Tuesday thereupon, blueprint for Friday already laid out
she wakes up at 7.55 am, waits for the Prof-Kizito-in-class beep.By the time she pretties up and checks timetable again..lecture done! Wonder not if she goes to campus at all..or fails exams at all.

He makes numerous calls back home for banknotes
either no one picks or dad hangs up at the mention of “..i wanted money to photocopy some..”

Simple. Doesn’t exist!

(Anything outside this dormain falls under ‘Campus Sideshows)